Route 66 Half Marathon & meeting Bart Yasso

This weekend was great! Cold, but great. I’ve mentioned before the week after I got back from San Francisco, I decided that I wanted to run the Route 66 half marathon. Signing up for it would work out great because my brother was already signed up to run it too. I wouldn’t have to drive up alone, and I would have a place to stay. Perfect.:) I signed up for this race so I could beat my PR. After walking the last half of the Oklahoma City Memorial half marathon due to my right IT band giving me issues, I’ve been really wanting to have a great race. For NWM, I was just determined to have fun, enjoy the view, but definitely not race it. I felt like I had a PR in me so I signed up for the Route 66 half.

So Oklahoma weather is unpredictable, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows that. Guess who decided this last weekend would be great to have a cold front come in? Haha. It started sleeting on Saturday, and I figured it would be cold all weekend so I packed my warm running clothes and some shorts (I was hopeful for warm weather. womp.) I drove to my mom’s house then drove to my brother’s house to spend the night since we were leaving early Saturday morning (like 9AM which isn’t too early ha). We ended up leaving around 10AM, then it was a 2 hour drive to Tulsa, picked up our packets, ate lunch, did some shopping, went back to the expo, and we were able to catch the last presentation by Bart Yasso.

The presentation by Bart was great. He talked to us about how we should dress for the cold weather (hello 26 degrees), then talked some about his book “My Life on the Run.” He told us we should get a hat and gloves for the race, and since neither my bro nor I had a hat, we kept saying “Bart said we needed a hat so we HAVE to get a hat.” Then we would laugh while everyone else wondered what we were talking about. Lolz bro and sis inside joke. Just kidding. Kinda.;) I was very glad that he mentioned getting a hat because it was very nice having it on race day, especially since it never got warmer than 27 degree!! (Thanks Oklahoma.) After his presentation, he said he had some books with him, and he would sign them. So of course, I had to jump at this opportunity! He was so nice! 



Meeting Bart!

Meeting Bart!

Bart and I! It was so great meeting him!:)

Bart and I! It was so great meeting him!:)

After the expo, we headed to Pei Wei to eat dinner with my sister-in-law’s family. Then, we headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods to find running hats. After that, we went to Panera to get some hot cocoa, then headed back to where we were staying since we were getting up early the next morning.

Race Day:

I woke up around 5:45(?) so we could go grab coffee before the race. I had a chocolate chip bagel and latte to get me going to the race, and I also hoped the coffee would warm me up. No luck. We waited in our car for about 30 minutes then walked to the finish line. I really like that the race didn’t open up the corrals until about 10 minutes until race time which gave everyone a chance to get to where they wanted to be in the corral.

Before the race! My mom said I looked "sleepy." Thanks mom! haha

Before the race! My mom said I looked “sleepy.” Thanks mom! haha

My brother was in corral A so he got started fairly quickly, but I was in corral D, so it took me about 17 minutes to cross the starting line. My toes were frozen, and I probably didn’t warm up until about mile 3. My head sweats a lot, which is gross, so I had a few people tell me I had icicles in my hair. No biggie right? Haha before that I felt something hitting my back, and I couldn’t figure out what it was so I touched my hair and there it was.

New hair trend for the holidays?

New hair trend for the holidays?

The course was great overall. There were some hills, but what goes up must come down. Sometimes. It did in this race though. The half and full marathon split at about mile 12, I believe, and I was really happy I was not turning with the full marathoners. I was so ready for a hot shower. I saw the finish line, and I decided that I would sprint towards it, but when I tried to sprint, my legs really wouldn’t go anywhere. My body clearly wasn’t on the same page. I was satisfied with just not walking at this point. I finally crossed the finish line, and I got my PR. My brother finished in 1:54:xx so he did awesome too!

After the race!

After the race!

I’m so glad I have someone who loves running as much as I do. It’s much more fun having someone to get to the starting line with and check out the expos with. Also, just to talk about training with since I know my mom and dad probably get tired of hearing me talk. Heh.:)

I’m definitely more sore than I was after the Nike Women’s half, but I loved this race too! I would definitely recommend running either the Route 66 marathon/half marathon or the OKC Memorial marathon. They are both amazing races! I love my home!:)

Any races coming up? 

What’s the best race you’ve run?



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  1. Bart followed me on twitter awhile back and I kind of felt like a celebrity for a few minutes. He’s pretty awesome.

  2. The one thing I hate about races is the early wake up time. Congrats on finishing though :D


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